Which 90’s fashion is cool in 2022?

Some of those 90s fashion classics we’d rather forget. The neon orange and lime shiny shirts, for one.

Hairdressers got sick of recreating the ‘Rachel Green’ for most customers, everyone smelt of CK One and chokers were actually a thing.

If the mere thought of these trends coming back is sending you running for the darkest corner, fear not – we can say that these particulars are not coming back to haunt you on a runway anytime soon.

It’s been 30 years since the decade started but some of these iconic looks are resurfacing. Just check out the latest TikTok or Insta feed and you’ll find them flooded with your favourite celebs taking on these throwback fads.

The 90s fashion revival is real with some very cool high waisted jeans, chunky headbands and cropped cardis on offer.

If all this chat of times gone by is making you want to grab a Wimpy for lunch, read on as we share which 90s fashion trends are back with a vengeance.


If you didn’t want to take your jacket on a night out (or more likely, you didn’t want to pay the £1 cloakroom fee) chances are you had a cardi on or stuck in your handbag to go over your slip dress for the stumble home.

The updated version can be worn through the day as a standalone top and shows off a lot of midriff.

Wear with wide leg trousers or baggy jeans for a casual ‘I’m just going for a latte’ look.


Photo credit: Scunci

They’ve been a long time gone but they’re back in every style going – but the chunkier the better.

Now they’ve got knots on they’re satin or silky and even plaited. If that fringe is getting in your eyes, it will not stand a chance against the thickness of some of these beauties.

Hair Claws

Photo credit: Style Magazines

We’ve all got one – after all they’re great for those days when you need a shower, but your hair is best not getting wet.

Well once upon ago, they were the ultimate chic hair accessory – and you’ve guessed it – they’re BACK and suitable for morning, day and nightwear.

Cycling Shorts

Photo credit: Marie Claire

No longer are they for PE or to hide your knickers under your netball skirt. Cycling shorts in spandex are back – both down to the knee and super skimpy style. They can now be spotted, oddly, matched with oversized blazers and matching bumbags… We’re not entirely convinced by this one.

Mom Jeans

Cindy Crawford

Yeah, you know the ones you laughed at as a young ‘un. Those high waisted, light wash, sometimes with a cheeky rip in the knee, were a closet staple for supermodel Cindy Crawford once – and it wasn’t long before your own mum cottoned on.

Well, they’re back so grab a pair quick before they disappear. If you’re lucky you might find an updated pair with a modern twist – either tapered or baggy. Either way, if you’re not forcing your butt into any skinny jeans, you’ll love this more generous offering. The best news is they go with any top – yes, ANY top you already own.


Tracksuit: ASOS

While there were some weird and wonderful tracksuits out back in the day – we’re talking poppers up the sides (what actual use were those?) – today’s version is much more wearable. Still bold in colour but not as lairy, offering a much more laid-back look.

Now you’ll find them in jogger style matching sweater combo or full on as they were, one piece tracksuits.

Slip Dresses

We haven’t seen these around for years, but they are plentiful on the high street today. Slip dresses were made popular by supermodel Kate Moss who was spied in multiple colours of them for various events.

A little like a nightdress, these numbers can be worn with heels and accessories for a night out or dressed on with a classic pair of Adidas gazelles for a casual day look. Timeless and a great staple for today’s capsule wardrobe.


Dungarees: Levi’s

We know sighs are coming but we say yey to this addition to the 90s fashion revival list.

No longer are dungarees just cool for pregnant ladies and kids. They have a relaxed feel and perfect for weekends but so easy to dress up or down. WE LOVE this pair from Levi’s (Pictured)

Sheer tops

Wear them over camisoles, fitted tops or with a plain bra underneath if you dare. This style statement is back! You can now choose a floral pattern if you don’t want to reveal as much from underneath – or perhaps a polka dot design.

Great when the weather is getting warmer and a T shirt is calling out damp armpits… Whether you’re on a date night or just having a drink in the pub, these work well with mom jeans (sorry) and a flat pair of pumps.

Statement Earrings

If you live by the bolder the better, you’ll be pleased with this news. Oversized statement earrings re back. Yep, that’s everything from massive hoops to resin designs that were popular back in the 90s. With every colour available, you can go as big or bold as you dare. But keep your top plain with jazzy earrings to avoid a major clash.

Knee high socks

We’re not sure how or why it’s happened but it has. Knee socks, brought to the forefront by the film Clueless, are a thing again. Even top brands like Prada are getting in on the action. Whether they’re thick cotton and bright mustard or sheer socks with little point to pulling up, knee socks are here to stay.  Team them with shorts or knee skirts and pumps or wedges.

Whatever style you choose to adopt this season, nostalgia is definitely the word you’re looking for. So, get your street fashion on with your baggy pants, combat trousers, gold hoops, cropped cardi and a paid of classic trainers and you’ll be well on your way.

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