10 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats in 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga master or a newbie to the exercise, you’ll want to know how important an anti-slip yoga mat can be. There’s nothing worse than being in a Handstand Scorpion pose and then realising your mat is skidding away from you and your shins are at the mercy of a wooden floor.

A slip resistant yoga mat will give you the confidence to try any pose without worrying about falling over – especially in a class. Don’t get us wrong, a tiny bit of slippage is perfectly normal, especially when your muscles are not used to holding certain positions and you may need to adjust. With practice, you will improve over time as your strength increases.

But when it comes to anti-slip yoga mats there’s also length, thickness, texture and material to consider, so it’s crucial to choose one that’s suited to your experience and practice style. Where you use your mat will also affect your buying decision. Lightweight might be key if you go to a studio but thick might be best if you’re staying put at home.

If you need some help to find the best non-slip yoga mat, we’re here to help. Want to know the mat best for hot yoga, the best for travel and the ultimate innovation in slip resistant yoga mats?

We’ve got you covered, so check out Shop Foray’s top 10 list below. 

Best hot yoga mat: Yogi Bare’s Paws, £74.95

Yogi Bare’s Paws – Natural rubber extreme grip yoga mat grey

Hot yoga is a vigorous form of exercise performed in a humid studio so get ready to sweat. With Bikram yoga, you can expect the room to get warmed to 40C with a humidity of 40C.

And with a series of standing and stretching poses in that heat, the last thing you want is to be sliding around in sweat as the temperatures raise your heart rate and exercise that bod.

However sweaty your hands get you know you won’t slip anywhere with this great hot yoga mat from yogi-bare.

For the ultimate in comfort, it’s got to be this thick non-slip yoga mat. It’s crafted from eco-friendly natural rubber – and you won’t be able to keep your paws off it.

Best yoga mat for tall people: Pharamond Life’s TerraGrip, £69.99


For your best practice yet the TerraGrip™ yoga mat is longer and wider than your average mat, so if you’re blessed in the height department, this is a great choice for you.

It features the unique AsanaAlign™ system for improved alignment. Designed for yogis of all abilities, it features a grip surface that wicks moisture away offering you the ultimate stability between poses.

The AsanaAlign allows users to stay in alignment whilst they deepen poses. Because the patented extra-long mat has markings that make it easy to find your balance and re-align yourself to prevent injuries.

Most dynamic yoga mat: Les Mills MBX Mat, £79.00

Les Mills MBX Mat, £79.00

The Les Mills MBX MAT was voted best exercise mat last year by Men’s Health Lab UK.

It’s one mat but with two surfaces for a dynamic workout. The red surface is perfect for any style of yoga with high density PVC to deliver stability for various poses.

The grey surface is designed for high impact exercise and features anti-slip coating to keep you grounded even during sweaty temperatures.

Best eco-friendly mat: Lululemon’s Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm, £118.00

Lululemon’s Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm, £118.00

When it comes to yoga wizardry, this sticky yoga mat from Lululemon is genius.  The innovative 3D-texture helps you feel your way around the mat and stay centred in poses without looking down.

Made with FSC- certified rubber (Forest Stewardship Council™) makes it sustainably sourced, so buying one of these will help support the protection of forest ecosystems and the people, plants, and animals that inhabit them.

Best traveller yoga mat: Kin’s Explorer PRO, £75.00

Kin’s Explorer PRO, £75.00

If you want to do yoga wherever you are in the world, you’ll need the ultimate in comfort. Try the Kin Yoga Mats Explorer PRO mat metallic grey with plant-leafed inspired pattern.

Its pro mat tri-layer technology offers three layers; the top – The Kin signature surface ‘skin’ gives this mat extreme grip, as well as a fluid flow that lasts. The mid layer has air pockets that provide great cushioning while the base layer offers a 100% natural rubber base with a unique tread pattern to grip the floor keeping you safe, while promoting rapid stabilisation in balance poses.

Best yoga mat for pregnancy: Yoga Studio’s Vegan Suede Mat, £41.95

Yoga Studio’s Vegan Suede Mat, £41.95

Being free from silicone and toxic glue makes this Yoga Studio Vegan Suede Microfibre Yoga Mat  the perfect choice for pregnant women. Designed with perfect cushioning to perform basic or advanced yoga, expectant mothers can be comfortable whilst protected from friction.

Manufactured from natural tree rubber with microfibre layer on top, it offers a soft plus surface for the practice. The moisture-absorbent mat provides a better grip in wet conditions.

Best comfort yoga mat: Liforme’s Yoga Mat, £100.00

Liforme’s Yoga Mat, £100.00

Although it’s pricey, the Liforme Yoga Mat gives you that extra bit of space you’ve been craving. It’s a few inches longer and wider than regular yoga mats, so you don’t need to worry about slipping off for your next pose. Get prepared to feel comfortable in your special practising space.

Best lightweight yoga mat: Sweaty Betty’s Latex Yoga Mat, £40.00

Sweaty Betty’s Latex Yoga Mat, £40.00

Want a great choice of mat for going to the studio? If your sessions are always away from home, you’ll appreciate this 2kg mat, that’s just 4mm thick.

This soft natural latex mat from Sweaty Betty has great grip for secure practice.

Most sustainable yoga mat: Fable’s 4mm Pro Grip, £69.00

Fable’s 4mm Pro Grip, £69.00

Offering professional performance squished into a 4mm thick mat, the Fable 4mm Pro Grip

Studio Yoga has been crafted with biodegradable natural tree rubber and PU for ultimate stability and cushion.

For a super grippy yoga mat, the upper layer is non-slip. And the best bit is, if you buy this mat, they’ll plant a tree into one of the incredible replanting projects they’re supporting.

Best overall yoga mat: Gaiam Yoga Mat, £50.44

Gaiam Yoga Mat, £50.44

If you want something that says what it does on the tin, the Gaiam Yoga Mat is our best overall yoga mat.  At 6mm thick and with an alignment system printed on the mat, this one will keep you in position no matter how experienced you are.

Offering a non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip, the weight is great for carrying around. And it’s at a very reasonable price!

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